RF Intimate

For rejuvenation and optimal functionality of vulvar-vaginal area.

The new Wavemed release combines the bio-stimulating and the firming properties of radiofrequency with those of specific active ingredients delivered transdermally, to treat a variety of disorders of the genital and non-genital area.

Suitable for women of any age, with visible results in half the time: the simultaneous use of the two treatments allows for the rejuvenation of both internal and external genital areas, for a better quality of life and relief of certain symptoms.

Two treatments simultaneously with single disposable handpiece

Thanks to the electric currents that allow for the opening of fluid channels through which it is possible to convey, by means of specific modulation, the active ingredients, you can apply a targeted treatment to each area, with multiple effects such as whitening of the area (vaginal and anal), pain relief, restoration of urinary continence*, lubrication of the vaginal canal and the bio-rejuvenation of the mucous membranes. And all these under 100% sterile conditions.

Pressure sensor

It ensures an objective real-time detection of the volumetric changes inside the vaginal canal during treatment. You will get the best results from the very first session. Immediate tissue swelling relieves urinary continence, restoring sexual satisfaction even if there are multiple parts affected.

Built-in camera

Radiofrequency, by increasing temperature and acting on specific targets, restores tone, firmness and elasticity to tissues, stimulating both microcirculation and collagen remodelling. To ensure reaching the therapeutic temperature under complete safety over the entire area to be treated, within the set timeline, direct wide-angle thermography with direct view on the display of the handpiece enables having a predictability of outcome and the certainty of new trophism of the mucosa.


If you choose Modula, you will always have extra benefits. Its modular concept allows you to combine multiple technologies to obtain multiple results. To treat cellulite, for example, you can combine the benefits of carboxy-therapy with the lifting effect of radiofrequency or the firming effect of the acoustic wave. And you can offer your patients the most complete and affordable packages.