Laser Diode

Twice as fast as any other device

Maximum power, minimum space

Controls in easy reach

100% reliable laser diode

Italian quality development and design here is joined by the strength and precision of state of the art German laser diode.

Twice as fast as any other device.

600 watt power allows a speed of 12 impulses per second. A quicker scanning time that achieves the same results in less time and allows you to offer your clients better treatment quality and lower prices.

Maximum power, minimum space.

The secret of its compact size lies in the High Power Cooling (HPC) technology. It is based on the latest chiller system, which makes the old bulky technology redundant and is able to cool off quickly the heat produced by the laser diode. Thanks to careful performance-focussed design, power has become functional to reducing the device’s dimensions.

Controls in easy reach

The real new feature of the Modular System Laser Diode is the Oled display on the applicator, designed for an easier treatment application. While working, without wasting time, you can easily monitor energy parameters, impulse length and frequency and make any necessary changes directly on the applicator’s display.

Easy to use

Six pre-programmed treatment profiles, one per phototype, make operators’ lives easier, as they allow to set the device by simply selecting the right icon on the screen.

Two in one

The Modular System LD doubles its efforts and offers 808 nm wave length for painless and secure hair removal, and 760 nm wave length having both all characteristics of the Alexandrite and all advantages of a diode technology.

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