Vitamin B3

Ivy and centella


The best of professional cosmetics

Wavemed cosmetics line

Wavemed has designed an entire cosmetics line so that you can offer your clients the treatments that meet their individual needs. To restore tone and freshness to face and body skin, you will have four products specifically designed to be applied deep under the skin using electroporation therapy, which will maximise their effect.

Wavemed’s hyaluronic acid

A great remedy against wrinkles and skin dehydration. By stimulating the cells’ functions, it reactivates mature skin improving elasticity and softness.

Vitamin B3

Effective against skin marks and, thanks to its antioxidant properties, tones and smooths skin.

Ivy and centella

Are plant extracts that help tone skin and drain tissues. Additionally, they are also effective against venous insufficiency and leg swelling.


Reduces localised adiposity by helping to break down and naturally flush away fat. Widely used in cellulite treatments, it is also great to restore tone and vigour to face and body skin.

The applicator that guarantees results

For better results against imperfections and signs of ageing, the cosmetics’ active ingredients are driven in depth below skin level. The total absence of metal components in the applicator ensures the effectiveness of the treatment.

The perfect combination

Thanks to the Modular System, you can combine electroporation with the radio frequency module, obtaining the perfect platform to offer face and skin rejuvenating treatments.

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