Enhanced Assisted

Maximum efficacy

No more coldness under the skin

The most complete on the market

Two therapies and seven treatment modes.

All in one module, the Modular System Carbiox offers all the possibilities
on the market. The double delivery allows you to operate both with carbon dioxide and with oxygen and there are a total of seven different treatments available, making it a complete instrument designed for maximum customer satisfaction.

CEA – Carboxyterapy Enhanced Assisted

This new method, created after a collaboration between professionals of AIME (Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine) and as part of the 2nd level Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, allows for a greater diffusibility of CO2, with an immediate analgesic effect for the patient and halving the delivery time for each therapy session.

Maximum efficacy, zero hassle

The reliable and gradual flow delivery allows the patient to undergo painless treatments. The Modular System Carbiox presents, in fact, an advanced gas management system which allows for controlled increases and decreases of the flow. In this way, the patient will be able to undergo safer and more reliable treatments in total comfort.

No more coldness under the skin

With the Modular System you can offer your patients maximum comfort. Thanks to Gtc Gas Temperature Control, the system heats the carbon dioxide delivered eliminating the unpleasant cold feeling under the skin, making the treatment more pleasant.

Modularity and convenience

If you choose Venus, you will always have more opportunities. Its modular concept will allow you to combine several technologies to multiply the results.

All parameters under control

With TVC Total Volume Control, the gas volume and flow are clearly visible in real time on the Venus’ user-friendly interface and you can constantly monitor all the treatment parameters.

For your comfort

Wavemed has studied every detail to facilitate your work. You will be able to easily hook on the tank-holder trolley supplied and thus eliminate any superfluous encumbrance.

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