Thanks to its modular system, you can customise Venus to your needs.

You can start off with the basic version with just one function and later combine other methods obtaining a fully integrated platform for face and body treatments.

This way you can invest gradually while keeping pace with market trends, clients’ needs and new technologies.

Luce Pulsata        Onda Acustica        Cavitazione        Elettro Porazione        Tecar        Radio Frequenza        Carbossi Terapia        Laser Diodo


pulsed light
With Modula, hair removal is painless and more effective: the double skin cooling system maximizes performance with the client’s comfort in mind.

Carbiox Therapy All in one module, the Modular System Carbiox offers all the possibilities on the market. The reliable and gradual flow delivery allows the patient to undergo painless treatments.

Thanks to two different energy delivering modes, continuous and pulsed, Modula can address body fat issues more comprehensively.

To restore tone and freshness to face and body skin, you will have four products specifically designed for electroporation therapy.

laser diode
Modula has chosen only the best. Italian quality development and design joins the strength and precision of state of the art German laser diode.

Radio frequency treatment sends electromagnetic waves that produce heat deep under the skin, causing collagen molecules to contract and allowing them to regenerate more quickly.